Performance and programs.

As a transporter of bulk petroleum products, Scamp Transports goes to great lengths to ensure safe delivery by constantly developing it's training and monitoring proceedures.

The core engine of Scamp is safety.  Everything we do revolves around the safety of our people, equipment, cargo, customers, and the public.  From our best-in-class training programs to our strong safety culture, Scamp walks the talk every step of the way.


Vehicle Accidents, Citations & Spills

Scamp maintains driver files for each employee. Accident logs are a component of each file.  Individual files are available upon request.

Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are held on a monthly basis. Agendas are laid out for each meeting, which includes review of previous minutes, review outstanding items, and openly discussing any concern items.  Minutes are kept from each meeting and distributed to all absentees.


Scamp actively participates in a Drug and Alcohol program administered by Driver Check.  Under this program, 50% of participants are randomly selected each year.  Scamp has a Safety Incentive Program in place for all employees.  Employees are given a 4% bonus each year, less any damage incurred as a result of negligent behavior.  A point system also rewards the driver for extra effort in various areas.


Scamp has an extensive training program for all new employees.  To be a candidate, drivers must have a minimum 3 years highway experience.  The new employee is then put through a minimum 2 week training program that includes both written and practical exams.

New drivers must demonstrate an ability to complete 10 consecutive unassisted loads before being allowed to solo.  Drivers are initially put on a 3 month probation period.  All drivers are subject to annual ride checks to review proper procedures.