Stuart Campbell

Jay Campbell
General Manager/CFO

Kim Charron

Mark Dirksen
Fleet Operations Manager

Troy Campbell
Personnel Manager

Dan Painchaud
GM Operations & Planning

Dave Fowler
Logistics Manager

Jason Rennison
IT & Special Projects Manager

Shannon Bilick
Administration Supervisor

Russell Krauss
Kamloops Terminal Supervisor

Trevor Jones
Prince George Terminal Supervisor

Dave Wessel
Vancouver Island Terminal Supervisor

Building an industry leader.

Scamp is a family business that originally began in 1981 with one truck.  Through dedication, hard work and a commitment to succeed Scamp has evolved to become the premier bulk petroleum transporter in Western Canada.

Scamp has enjoyed positive annual growth that has resulted in a vast fleet of tractors and tanker trailers.  Our customer base has grown from one original account to hundreds of active locations.  In order to properly service this growth Scamp has grown from the original 3 employees to a current staff of over 100.

Through its commitment to provide a stable, "family-first" atmosphere.

Strategic Relationships

Scamp has worked hard to establish itself as one of the premier carriers in Western Canada.  Our safety and performance records are rewards of our employees hard work and due diligence.  The most important ingredient, however, to Scamp's success has and will always be its customers.

It is with these customers that valuable strategic relationships have developed over the years and has enabled Scamp to enjoy its continuous conservative growth.  Scamp fully recognizes that its success has been a result of the confidence and support extended by its most faithful customers and its payback is to provide each and every customer with the premium service it is accustomed to.

Scamp continually embraces new customers and works hard to develop the same strategic relationships enjoyed by its current customer base.